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I believe in 3 things; faith, health and education. I insist that life is a well rounded phenomenon and you cannot be successful until you have excelled in all. Innovation is simply the result of always looking to make life easier and simple for your fellow man and when I am looking for any educational institution, I am looking for those.

Charity Akpabey Ofosuhene


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eSchoolfinder was a result of solving the problem we encountered.

eSchoolfinder is a digital resource highlighting institutions, tutors and related service providers. Our quest is to simply help parents and students find the right education for their wards or themselves; to make sure that they find exactly what they are looking for without wasting too much time “going round”. We understand the burden of busy parents and wards to find the right educational facility or service without wasting time, so we sought to find the solution. We knew exactly what we wanted but we had to go through so much to find it, our resolve is that no parent should go through what we went through. We are extremely careful about the schools we include in our list because of the promise we made to our cherished clients that they will find the best schools here and we intend to keep those.

Our Values

Revolutionary Thinkers: What if there is a of getting a job done? Thinking from a different perspective is the hallmark of people who changed their world and we are always drawn to people and institutions who like to set themselves apart.

Our Leadership: Just like self leadership, we also believe that no one gets anything done unless they surround themselves with like minded people. We are willing to partner with likeminded people and institutions.

Inspiration: We are always inspiring everyone to be their best.


To attract the most innovative and transformational and tutors and also partner with them to change Africa’s educationMission: To create a platform which successfully connects parents and students to the most innovative and transformational individuals, schools, tutors and partner with them to deliver world standard education in Africa.


To be Africa’s top resource where parents, students and anyone can find schools and tutors and also meet their educational needs.

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Looking for the best tutor or school for your ward?

This is the best time ever to look for a tutor or school that best suits your schedule; more so, one that would be the perfect fit for your ward. With just one click, you can schedule meetings both in person or online with a school or qualified tutor, to make further inquiries. If you still have not found what you are looking for, please contact us to help you.


We are on the lookout for qualified tutors who have an interest in delivering the best results for parents. We carefully take our time to choose tutors who are result and goal oriented. You become a registered tutor by signing up to our online directory.


On our platform, we are not looking at just any school. We have a penchant for enlisting schools that believe education is beyond the classroom and therefore direct their activities to help develop well rounded individuals. We are attracted to quality, ingenuity and innovation; thus, schools that always have a different perspective to running their institutions.

You become a partner by signing up to our online directory, and our job is to continually represent your values and strategies to the audience looking for you.


We are open to organisations and companies who will partner with us to help advance the cause of building a community of change makers in Africa. You should represent our values of doing things differently and building the next generation of African future leaders. Please contact us here.

You can trust us


My concern for a good school heightened when my wife started working. We needed to look for a school with good teaching facilities that could take good care of our child. Our search took us to several schools for some time until we eventually found what we wanted.

Collins Ofosuhene

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